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Lymphatic System


What does the lymphatic system do?

The lymphatic system is a network of vessels, organs and tissues that work together to maintain fluid balance in the body and help fight off infections.  This system transports interstitial fluid, called lymph, that contains white blood cells, fat, water, proteins, waste and toxins from the body to the circulatory system (lymphedema management, pg.6). The lymphatic vessels transport the lymph to the lymph nodes, which are small bean-shaped structures that filter lymph and trap bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances. 

The lymphatic system also plays a crucial role in the body's immune response.  The white blood cells in the lymph nodes and other lymphatic tissues help to identify and attack these harmful substances.  The lymphatic system also helps to circulate immune cells throughout the body, allowing them to quickly respond to infections and other threats. 

Overall, the lymphatic system is essential for maintaining the body's fluid balance, defending against infections and supporting the immune system.

What is Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD)?

Manual lymph drainage is a soft, light, skin stretching treatment that facilitates detoxification by increasing lymphatic flow.

Meet Cindy

Cindy has earned a Master's degree in Occupational Therapy from Seton Hall University. She is a licensed and registered Occupational Therapist in the state of Georgia with a specialty Certification as a Lymphedema Therapist, CLT. Her 20+ years of acute and subacute medical experience include skilled nursing rehab, acute and subacute rehab setting, outpatient, home health and cancer center rehabilitation.  

Today she has chosen to serve her community by helping those with impaired lymphatic systems, with a new understanding of the benefits of manual lymph drainage and helping those with lymphedema, post-surgical swelling, and those who suffer from simple ailments like general fatigue, headaches, poor sleep, bloating, symptoms of an impaired lymphatic system.


Myofascial Release I (2024)

Brain and Autonomic Nervous System (2023)

Lymph Drainage Therapy, Fluid, Pathways Integrity (2023)

Cervical Myofascial Isolation (2022)

Management of Lymphedema Affecting the Head and Neck (2020)

Certified Lymphedema Therapist (CLT)  (2020)

Master Of Science Occupational Therapy (2003)

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"I want to have a part in helping people on their journey to live out their life roles with joy, satisfaction, and self fulfillment without pain or discomfort... I want to be a part of that wellness journey in anyway I can." 


"My treatments for my sinuses greatly helped with my congestion during allergy season. I slept better at night due to open nasal and sinus passages. I experienced less congestion and facial puffiness the next day and required less allergy medication for the next 2 days. Planning on scheduling regular sessions during allergy season to reduce congestion and the necessity for allergy medication. 


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